Celtic Star Necklace | Sterling Silver Star Necklace



The Celtic Star necklace design is a unique Celtic four point North Star that is encircled with Celtic Eternity knots. The North star, the only star in the sky that never moves. has been said to have guided the Vikings on their nautical journeys. The star represents the four points on a compass and the Celtic Knots crossing in the middle bring balance. Celtic Eternity or Infinity knots have no beginning or end and when used in a circle around a design symbolize protection.

This would be a perfect gift for anyone desiring balance or guidance in their life or embarking on a journey, whether physical, mental or emotional.



Celtic Star Necklace | Sterling Silver Star Necklace

This round Celtic star necklace is designed in solid sterling silver. The pendant measures 39mm or 1.5″ features a unique Celtic four point North Star. The recesses on the pendant have been darkened and the highlights polished to show the intricate details.

The sterling silver star necklace has a substantial soldered bail to ensure the pendant is more secure with a generous opening in the bail to accommodate a larger diameter chain or leather cord.

Material: Sterling Silver
Pendant Size: 39mm  |  1.5″
Chain Length: 46cm  |  18″
Optional Chain Length: 16″  |  20″  |  24″

*for reference a US quarter measures 25 mm
*Pendants are measured from the top of the bail
*Comes in a Gift Box

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have so please contact me with any questions prior to purchasing.

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